Friday, April 6, 2012

Sylar Seacrest

This is seriously one of my most favorite super villains. I've always felt a bigger tendency towards the villains in movies and series, and instead of happy ending i like it when a movie ends in horror and the good guys die. I know this is a bit "not normal", but well i just love when this happens.
Like in "Drag me to Hell" when on the end she just get's dragged down into hell (like the title says) because she took the wrong envelop.
If you have more examples of these kind of movies, please comment them because i'm a big movie and series freak, if i could make a profession out of it i would.
By the way, for the people who don't know this guy, be sure to check out this show. because it's awesome. But unfortunately got canceled in a climax after season 4...


  1. I agree, I'm always about the villains as well, wonder if they have a name for people like us!

  2. Without villains therecan be no heroes.

    1. Agreed!!/MemeDoctor

  3. i would defo go super villain then hero :) its the way it should be

  4. One of my favorites that ends unexpectedly is the movie the departed. You seriously need to check it out if you haven't.