Saturday, April 7, 2012

Inventor Reese

Today i wanted to share another one of the great series I've watched recently. If you don't know it, make sure to check it out; Malcolm In The Middle.
The show is about a (poor) family where the four children Francis, Reese, Malcolm and Dewie always get into trouble. Francis is at Military school, Reese is a High school bully, Malcolm is a genius who gets put in a special class and Dewie... Well he's just the small brother, you know the role of the small brother ;)
Seriously check it out, below the picture you'll find a video of some of the best moment of the show. Whether it's for nostalgia or just to get a feel of what the show is about.

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  1. This show is similar to Everybody Hates Chris I guess ;) I'll watch the pilot tomorrow

  2. I used to watch this show all the time. Might re-watch it if I ever find them on YouTube.

  3. I saw all the episodes I still love it.

  4. Used to watch that show constantly!

  5. I love the christmas episode where Lois steals xmas and then the boys destroy everything